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Do you need a business coach?
A guide to the basics.


Eric McRae, Startup Coach

Are you ready to start your business?

At a stage in your life, or your business journey, where you think you need a coach? There are lots of different kinds of coaches from leadership to business strategy to life. All of them have one thing in common: they help provide the tools and know-how to help you succeed in their area of expertise.

In business, there is a common belief that everyone should have a coach. I have a coach. I also coach others, specifically helping new entrepreneurs and startup founders. I work with clients to put together an actionable plan to get your business up and ready to generate revenue as quickly as possible. I rarely work with founders for more than twelve months – normally, this is all the time that you need to determine if your business idea has traction.

What kind of coach do you need?

My goal with every client is to steer them to the most efficient path for testing their idea and creating a viable business model. I’ve tested many ideas throughout my career, some of which have succeeded, but some of which have also failed. It’s through these learning experiences that I offer my expertise to my clients, in the hopes they can both save time and money by learning from my mistakes. If you are wondering if a coach is right for you, ask yourself: What do you want to accomplish? Is there a coach that is going to be able to help you get there? A good metric I use is if you think the coach can provide you with tools and advice that could save you two months’ worth of making mistakes and 50 percent of what you would have spent making them, then there’s a good chance that coaching is a great fit for you.

The right coach for you?

When interviewing coaches, determine if what they are offering is relevant to your goals. Also, besides knowing that you actually like the coach as a person, be sure that they will help you grow and succeed. A great coach challenges your assumptions and leaves you feeling you are making better informed decisions because of them.

By signing up for my business coaching services, I promise to provide you with an experience that is expertly tailored to have your best interest in mind. Together, we will help you work on skills that will make you a better entrepreneur. Through these skills, you will become better equipped to face the business landscape.

Good luck!

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Client testimonials

He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to support you and your business. Eric is one of these rare, generous souls, who genuinely have your best interests at heart. He has been an incredible business mentor and coach for me and I will be eternally be grateful for all his wisdom, tips and guidance! Don't miss out on a fabulous business coach to support you!

Virginie Mesana

Eric is very knowledgeable, funny, open-minded and extremely helpful. I also love that he is honest (He will give you his genuine opinion, positive or negative) - Sometimes you gotta listen and take the advice of someone who's been in your shoes to succeed! I very much am looking forward to learn and start the coaching sessions.

Alexandra Guilbault

I recently had the opportunity to work with Eric McRae and my experience was very positive. I immediately felt welcome when I joined him for the meeting. He was able to ask questions relevant to my business plan, which helped me refine my focus for what I ought to do going forward. As I spoke with him, I could easily sense his professionalism and authority, but in the manner of a natural leader, this was accompanied by the sort of empathy that relaxes rather than intimidates. Every moment of the meeting inspired my confidence. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wishing to start a business.

Kimberly Jean Pharuns