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Tovi Fit

Why support the MBO community?
We are in the business of fostering a community for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. Once in awhile we want to share with you the awesome things your fellow co-workers are developing. Our member, Tony Zappia co-founder of Tovi Health, is looking for 25 people to beta-test a new fitness and health app. If you would like a great tool for supporting you in your wellness goals try out TOVI!

What is TOVI?
TOVI is an easy-to-use app that helps you develop and maintain healthy habits in the areas of nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress management.
How do I get started?
Download the TOVI app in Google Play for Android or in the App Store for iOS. Please use code MBOMEMBER when creating an account. Once you create your account, follow the onboarding flow and then use naturally. You may be asked an occasional app feedback question inside the app.
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1. Build a Plan

TOVI helps individuals reflect on their current habits and build a unique plan focused on the healthy habits they would like to develop or maintain.

2. Set Goals

Based on a person’s plan, TOVI helps people set manageable goals that gradually lead to the development of new, healthy habits.

3. Make Lasting Changes

TOVI provides individualized support to help people through any difficulties and maintain their motivation, including expert-curated resources, timely reminders, and weekly reports.


Download here on Google Play or iOS