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Why David Adjaye inspires me

Sir David Adjaye, Founder – David Adjaye Associates

I love exploring design – when I see something that is beautiful and elegant in form and function, I want to learn everything about it. So when I had the recent opportunity to check a Master Dynamic stereo speaker designed by David Adjaye, founder of Adjaye Associates architectural firm, I was excited.
His work is inspiring, blending influences around the world with complex contemporary design and principles that present a strong statement of the buildings use. The use of materials that are used are so deliberate that it is abundantly clear that each textures and line has been curated. The work seamlessly blends the traditional, science, emotional into a modern interpretation. This stereo speaker was no different – it changes our perception and how we interact with the object.  When we surround yourself with objects that have a clear purpose, it focuses your energy and influences your view of the world.
This is also a bit of personal for me – I don’t talk about this much, but I relish celebrating excellence in the black community, and David is no exception. I may live society that trying hard to make itself equitable and just, but I can still remember when that was not always the case. This is even more timely as we enter Black History Month. It always inspires me to see other black entrepreneurs doing what they love and presenting their bold interpretation of the world.
This is a tip of the hat to David Adjaye, who certainly seems to have sprinkled a bit of pixie dust on the world. He is making the world we inhabit a more beautiful space to experience.
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