Work Smarter

Taking the Lead

Promoting black leadership and excellence is never done with the intent of awards and recognition. It is about creating a space where youth are aware of role models that are relatable to them. As a community, we are responsible to show the way to the youth of today, with the objective of them one day accomplishing greater things than we have dreamed or achieved.
My brother, Ricardo has been getting this very message out for years and driving awareness. His passion project “Who’s Who in Black Canada” has grown to be so much more than just a blog. It is a repository of hundreds of people that have achieved excellence in their lives. They celebrate the successes and the struggles with stories that are easily relatable to today’s youth.
If I were to paraphrase three things I have learned from my brother and have contributed to his success. A leader requires never making excuses, make a habit of acting on your goals every day and set audacious objectives. Stretch yourself in life and you will never be disappointed with what you achieve.