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Risk and Entrepreneur goes hand in hand

Elon Musk tends to go big or go home. I’ve noticed he’s always swinging for the fences.

The risk is as an entrepreneur when you do this you got to be able to afford to take the loss or live with the consequences. It is great that he has entered the waters with the other players in the tractor-trailer world letting them know that he is there and a serious contender.
While he is offering a cost-effective, beautiful and no emissions option for delivery and service vehicles, the truth is the infrastructure still needs to be built and that will take time. Unlike other manufacturers, one of the things that really differentiates Tesla is Elon’s approach to problem-solving. Where as others look at a truck and ask, ‘how can we make it electric?’, Elon seems to ask something more like ‘I want to move large volumes of product — what are the existing technologies I can leverage?’
This is what sets him apart: he does not start with a clean drawing board; it is already filled with pain points of users and he designs a solution around them