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Emil Aite – Desk Nibbles


We first met Desk Nibbles at Legacy 2016, a conference with the objective of inspiring students to awaken their inner entrepreneur. They understood that we are not our best when we are hungry. They also knew that there was a deceptively simple solution to get people away from the vending machines: deliver them healthy snacks to work. Emil and his co-founder, Eric Kys, saw this opportunity and decided they could do something about it.

Most days, you won’t see Emil Aite around at My Byward Office. But his presence is felt, or more accurately, tasted, in meetings, lunches, and parties in the space all the time. His company, Desk Nibbles, is a snack delivery service, with the mission to improving work productivity  through satisfying the munchies, with options that are healthy, fun, and delicious. Emil and his business are on a mission: to end workplace hunger in all offices across Canada. If you’ve ever sat through a day at work with your stomach rumbling, waiting for your next meal, you cannot be your absolute best.  Healthy and fun snacks should be within a short reach, so you and everyone else can be their best at work.
Emil originally started out in the field of computer science, but it was his parents that he says got him into the snack business. “Growing up it was awesome having my parents pack my lunch and snacks for school every day. They were pretty strict on healthy choices: I always had pumpernickel bread, quinoa bars and never really drank soda. These were some good habits I carried on through high school, university and even when I started my first office jobs. However, I realized not many people did this and lost out on the benefits. I mean people are busy and don’t have mom or dad to pack them a healthy lunch and snacks everyday. At Desk Nibbles, we set out to offer that same experience in the office.
Desk Nibbles is now in their seventh month of operation in Ottawa, and recently expanded to delivering Canada-wide. They serve anyone that wants delicious snacks in their office, often as a perk that benefits both the employees and the company, helping boost staff morale and retention. “This is key for modern offices,” says Emil,  “and a big reason we’ve been able to sign some larger clients such as You.I TV. However, like I said, everyone loves snacks in the office. We’ve got many local businesses as well, such as real estate agents and lawyers who love snacking just as much.”
Desk Nibbles has pretty straightforward rules when it comes to snacks, as Emil is happy to tell you,  “the snacks of course need to be healthy, fun, and tasty, but beyond that we’re working to create a snacking environment that everyone can enjoy.  No matter what your dietary preferences are we offer snacking options to meet your needs. Gluten-free, allergen-free, organic, natural and of course generally healthy snacks make up over 50% of the snacks we currently offer.  On top of this, snacking with Desk Nibbles goes back to support local Canadian businesses across our country. Most of our snacks come from local producers to keep business in our communities, and build on the Canada we all love.”
On the business side of things, Emil gave us a surprising answer when we asked what makes him successful:
“I don’t think I’m very successful yet, and I’m not sure if I ever will consider myself successful. There will probably always be things that are ahead that I want to accomplish. However, I do believe we have a successful team and business, we set out to offer a better office life experience and we really do. It’s always amazing to hear somebody give us a shout out saying we’re making their office life better. We accomplish this because we put a lot of effort into finding a foolproof solution for a simple problem.”